Day 108-109–Apr. 23, 24, 2011–At Sea

    Saturday I was up early and got to see a sunrise, something I didn’t get to see much of.  I went for an early swim in the pool and the water was hot.  It felt so good.  At 8 am it was 68 degrees and 87% humidity.  The sea depth is 18,170 feet.  We are getting closer to the states!  I got my hair cut again this morning.

IMG_1968 IMG_1977

     There was a garage sale this morning with passengers trying to get rid of things they bought and can’t get home.  We didn’t buy anything!  There are still lots of activities to keep us busy and we have been packing.  There was a Mariners Cocktail Party before dinner.  Our entertainment this evening was Wayne Newton!  He is truly a great showman.  His voice might not be as great as it was but he played the piano, banjo, guitar and violin!  His wife and daughter were with him.


     Sunday was another busy sea day with lots of Easter activities.  The Lido was decorated as was the dining room.  At noon there was an Easter Grand Show Buffet where we took pictures, but ate in the Lido.  We had our last nine hole golf challenge where Ray came in 2nd

IMG_2021 IMG_2023 IMG_2028 IMG_2038 

     Tonight was our last formal night and the Black and Gold Ball.  The show was Xylophone virtuoso Ian Finkel.  He was excellent.IMG_2079 IMG_2082

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