Day 111 – Tuesday, Apr. 26, 2011 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

     I am not writing this until May 19, so things are a little fuzzy.  We had our last breakfast in the Lido and then went back to the cabin to put the last things in our carry-off bag and wait for our number to be called.  I think we were called a little earlier than we expected.  Many, many passengers used the light green duffel bags given to us, so we were very careful about finding ours.  Going through customs was a breeze and then we went outside to get our shuttle to the airport.  It was KSA .  We signed up for it in January at our hotel.  We were told where to wait and after a while I called them.  Shortly after that they arrived and off we went to FLL.  We checked our 3 bags, had a soda, and then went through security screening to wait for our flight at 1 pm.  Our flight was called and I asked Ray where our little black carry-on bag was.  We had the computer bag and the bag with the Vietnamese hats, but no black bag.  Ray can’t walk fast, so I went back to security to see if we left them there.  No, they would have called us, they said.  I asked if I could go out to see if we left it where we had the soda and then be able get back through security quickly.  It was a good thing I had taken my purse with my passport in it.  I went all the way back to the check-in area where we were sitting, no bag.  I asked at the counter, no bag.  I went back to security, through the screening and back down the long wing to our gate.  There was Ray, standing all alone, waiting for me.  We got seated on the plane and then called the shuttle company, thinking we left it in the van.  They said they had no bag and I had to hang up as the plane was leaving.  We then figured out that we never took the bag out of the terminal at the ship!  We were so worried about getting the right green bags, we forgot about the other one!  We knew we had 3 bags and that’s what we left with, except it was supposed to be 3 plus the black carry-on.  I asked for HAL’s number from a few cruise  passengers that were on our plane and finally got the correct number.  Seattle took all the information and then connected me with the port.  Yes, they had our bag.  I gave them a credit card number and they shipped it home for us.  We then flew on to Myrtle Beach and took a cab home.  As of this date, I still haven’t found Ray’s comments on the cruise.  We both loved it and would do it again.  We went to Gino’s and brought home a pizza for dinner!  Home!

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