Day 2–Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2011–At Sea

     Things were nice and calm this morning going through the inside passage.  We saw lots of dolphins while at breakfast in the dining room.  We went to play Bocce Ball in the Crow’s Nest and then over to the Cruise Critic meeting.  The CC group is very large so it will be hard to get to know everyone.  Henk Mensink, Hotel Manager and Gene Young, Cruise Director, said a few words of welcome.  Joe of JoRay welcomed everyone and that was about it.  We will talk about tours at the next meeting.  I tried to find everyone that was running our tours, but couldn’t find everyone.

IMG_2449  IMG_2453

     We met for lunch in the dining room as the Lido was not self-serve yet.  Ray went to a Texas Hold’em Tournament and I went to Wii for bowling.  It was getting rough and I was tired, so I went to the cabin to lie down.  Big mistake.  It got really rough and I never got out of bed –  except to get sick, about 4 times through the evening.  Ray went to dinner alone and our other two table-mates, Erica and Vera, were there.

     Ray went to the show and saw comedian writer Marty Brill and said he was very good.  We set our clocks back one hour last night and again tonight.  I have to try to remember to change the computer and camera, also.

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