Day 3, Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2011–At Sea

     The seas were a little calmer this morning and I feel much better, but still not up to par.  A light breakfast in the Lido was all I needed.  I went to the Water Color introduction and Carolyn was the same instructor I had in 2007.  I missed ring toss, which Ray won, and went to the computer lab.  I couldn’t open Live Writer.  Will said he would see if he had the disc so I wouldn’t have to go online to re-install it.  I stayed for the photo editing class. 

     I met Ray for lunch and then I went to Wii, Skee Ball and Ray went to a poker tournament.  I went to the introduction for crafts and we made a card.  I got ready for formal night and then went back to the computer lab.  Will finally said he would let the computer defragment overnight and load Live Writer in the morning.  I rushed back to the room to change for formal night.

IMG_2456  IMG_2457

IMG_2458  IMG_2459

     IMG_2466 We missed the Captain’s Welcome before dinner, so we sat in the balcony and watched the late dinner welcome.  As a youngster, Captain Fred Eversen sailed with his father, who was a Captain on cargo ships.      It was then he knew he was destined for the sea.  His dream came true when he entered the nautical academy in Rotterdam.  He has been with HAL since 1980.  He has a house in Delray Beach, Florida.


     The show was supposed to be the singers and dancers, but it was deemed too rough.  Marty Henne performed tonight instead of tomorrow.  He sings and plays the piano and it was called “Songs You Know By People You Don’t”.  He was very entertaining. 

IMG_2467Our gift tonight was a HAL tote bag, a log book in a pouch and a card case that will hold your key card.  They are the same as we got on the World, except for the date.  The ship logo is the same except it is brown instead of green.  The clocks go back another hour tonight.

One Response to “Day 3, Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2011–At Sea”

  1. Grace Johnson Says:

    Where you going on this cruise – I can not figure it out? Hope the roughness has settled down.
    Grace Johnson

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