Day 5–Friday, Sept. 30, 2011–At Sea

     Well, those relatively calm seas did not last long.  I was awakened at about 2 am with a thump and we started rolling.  It is now 3:30 pm and we haven’t stopped yet.   I haven’t mentioned it yet, but the window washer is back!  Every morning between 5 and 5:30 I hear him spraying our window with the hose.  I guess I will have to put another sign on my window.

     This is what you can see on one of the TV channels.  It shows you where you are on the globe and whether it is night or day and the second picture shows a close-up of where the ship is.                                                                                                 IMG_2472  IMG_2471 

      I finally got up and went for breakfast early and waited for Ray, but missed him again as I had to leave for painting.  He can sleep through anything!

     It was fun painting with the ship moving so much.  We did a monochromatic tree scene.  I then went to the computer lab for a class on blogging, but it was just signing on for one and Will said I needed class 2 or 3 so I went up to the Crow’s Nest for Wii.  We did horseshoes with the men against the women.  The men won.  Ray went to a culinary demonstration and I went to the room to get my things together for the afternoon.  The stewards cleaned the room so well it took me a while to find the daily explorers to use as a guide for the blogs.

     I met Ray for lunch, Brooke came by and we chatted until almost 2 pm.  I was then off to Arts and Crafts and Ray went to hear Joe Daley speak in the Queen’s Lounge.  We made gift or money card holders in crafts.  I am caught up with blogs and if I wake up early tomorrow I will try to post them.  I’m going to try for a quick nap before dinner.  Well, there was no nap and then Ray came in with a pain under his rib cage.  He ended up going to bed without dinner so about 6:30  I went up to the Lido to eat.  It was too late to go to the dining room.  I stopped in with tea, but Ray was asleep so I went to the show.  The dancers could not perform again to the seas so Marty Brill was on.  He was really good.  Ray was still asleep when I got back at nine, so I also went to bed.  It was a rockin’ and rollin’ kind of day!

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