Day 6, Saturday, Oct. 1, 2011–At Sea

     The window washer woke me up this morning about 5:30 so I thought I would try to post the other blogs.  I couldn’t get a connection.  Ray awoke, feeling better, and then went back to sleep.  I tried to get back to sleep, but that just doesn’t work for me so I tried to get a connection.  It worked and I posted through Day 4.  I hadn’t quite finished yesterday’s blog.  Rumor has it that Russia will be blocking our signal soon.  I will have to stay up-to-date on my writing.

     Blogs sent, Ray and I went up for breakfast in the Lido.  I then went to Water Colors where we had to finish a photo by matching colors around it.  I had bamboo.  I then did a floral picture.  Went to the computer lab for blogging 2, but there is trouble with the internet, so Will will did creative photo editing.  It was a very good class and learned some new things about photo live. 

     The seas are nice with some gentle swells and few white caps.  What a difference!  I met Ray for lunch in the Lido.  Julius Ceaser prepared my special spaghetti dish for me!  Mmmm good.  To celebrate crossing the international dateline, we received a complimentary Borderline drink compliments of Captain Fred Eversen.  We are going to skip Sunday, October 2 because of the dateline, not Monday.  My schedule was wrong.  We chatted quite a while with a couple at lunch about cruising.  I went to the room to get my stuff for the afternoon.  Joyce tried to help me with the crochet directions.  We made Thanksgiving Day pop-up cards.  Larry, the music director, had an introduction to the Chorale.  It should be fun.  

     After dinner, the show for the evening was “Moscow 4”, stars of Russian Musicals.  This was their first show together and they were pretty good.  It was something different.  They sang some American show tunes in Russian and others in English.  There was a guest talent night in the piano bar that we went to for a little while.  We each received a certificate for crossing the International Dateline on October 2nd at 12:31 pm.  The seas started to rock again around 10 pm.  The Captain is sailing a bit north to miss another storm.  In the photo below, the red line is where we should be sailing and the white line shows where we are.

IMG_0003 IMG_0007

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