Day 7–Monday, Oct. 3, 2011–At Sea

     Slept in a little later although I was up earlier.  Really had to rush to get to painting.  Ray said I was a little grumpy and told me to Chi-nay-nay or to still my heart, or take a chill pill.  It is his new phrase.  I think that is how he says it.  We were really rocking!  I was sitting in the Lido, looking out the stern window.  One minute you see all sky and the next minute you are looking at all water.  The Captain said we had 25 to 30-foot swells.  This went on all day!

     In the Crow’s Nest we did Wii Whack-a-troll.  It was so rough we had to sit down while playing.  After that we did Wii Hoop Shoot, again sitting down.  Of all days, today was the first Mongolian Cookout out by the pool.  You pick which vegetables, meats and seafood you want and the talented chefs will cook your dish to perfection before your eyes.  Ray chose to have a sandwich, but I waited for Julius to cook my lunch.  I didn’t have my camera with me.  We started a counted cross-stitch bookmark in Arts and Crafts with Shirley.

     Tonight was formal night, and no one felt like dressing up after all the rocking all day, but we did.  They really dress up the dining room for formal nights.  The theme tonight was black and silver.  

IMG_0003  IMG_0007

The show tonight was Dale Kristien, a singing star from the Phantom of the Opera.  We saw her on the world and Ray thinks she was wearing the same dress.  The songs and monologue were the same, but why mess with something that works.  Tonight was the Black and Silver Ball.  I wanted to watch Brooke dance with the Captain, but I couldn’t stand the rocking.  Ray was in the casino for a while and decided to go the the ball and watch.  Brooke asked him to dance – and he did!  I said, gee, you won’t dance with me, and he said he couldn’t say no to Brooke.  Our gift tonight was the bag of toiletries, same as we got for the World.  There has been no Internet signal and Will says Russia will be blocking our signal, so I don’t know when these will be posted.

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