Day 8–Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2011–At Sea

     Wow!  What a difference a night makes.  We finally woke up to nice gentle swells so I didn’t take a sea-sick pill today.  It was cold all day, in the mid 40’s.  There was the famous T-shirt sale on deck today, but I bought the one from the shop instead.

     We did what we liked in water colors, so I did a bookmark and started another koala.  At onboard sports we did ladder ball.  It was different, I came in second.  We are collecting our Grand Dollars!  We then went out on the back Lido deck for bean bag toss.  It started to drizzle and it was chilly, but it felt good to be in the fresh air.  More grand dollars!

     After lunch we went to Beautiful Edible Bouquets but they made them out of vegetables, not fruit.  They work so quickly!  IMG_0030  IMG_0029  In crafts we made another card using string art.  I then sat by the window on deck 5 and worked on my bookmark.

     A good dinner and then a wonderful show by violinist Alwyn Wright.  Could she make that violin sing!  She was excellent!  We then went to the piano bar for a show-tune sing-a-long.  Ray even sang!  Brooke came by and I told her I had a bone to pick with her because she danced with Ray.  She is so nice.

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