Day 9–Wed., Oct. 5, 2011–Petropavlovsk, Siberia

IMG_0007 Stitch Petropavlovsk 4 copy    

They started dropping anchor around 5:30 am so that took care of my sleep.  Ray tried to get back to sleep but I went up to type in the Lido and get caught up on blogs.  It is so nice to type and not rock.  When I got up it was 4 degrees C or 39 degrees F.  Sunrise is at 7:32 and it is sunny!  We had breakfast and then went to the Crow’s Nest for “sports”.  We did Wii golf and ring toss.

IMG_0004 Stitch 5

     Russian immigration officials were on time and the first group of tours left around 11:15.  We had lunch before going ashore.  We got on a tender around 2:15.  Boy was it cold outside!  It was 48 degrees and windy.  There were only two tables in the building on the pier and we didn’t buy anything.  There was a Russian Bazaar on the ship at 4, but no bargains there, either.  Maybe in Vladivostok.  I worked on my pictures on the computer.

     After dinner we went to see Moscow Magic.  For magic shows we sit in the second row downstairs so Ray can see everything.  It was a couple from Moscow with some really good tricks.  She also did some of the quick change outfits.  We should have smooth sailing from now on.

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