Day 11–Friday, Oct. 7, 2011–At Sea

     I woke up at 5 am today, received a signal for the Internet and posted some blogs.  Could not really fall back to sleep, but didn’t open my eyes until 7:40 am.  Sunrise was not until 8:21 am, so it was still dark out and felt very early.  I woke up Ray as I left for breakfast.  He arrived as I was leaving for painting.

     Today was paint anything day, so I tried a kangaroo.  The poor thing looks more like a rabbit!  Today was our second Cruise Critic meeting to discuss tours and pay for some.  A large group of 100 is just too many.  It took over an hour just to get through the tours and not much time to socialize.  Henk did mention that they want us to be safe and to coordinate with him for meeting places.  With only 800 passengers on board, we are 1/8 of the ship!

     At noon we had travelled 3,730 nautical miles since Seattle.  The humidity was 104% and it was 11 degrees C or 52 degrees F.

     Ray went to a camera class, so I missed him for lunch.  I decided to do some quilling today and did some before crafts and some after on deck 5 in the atrium.  We made a butterfly card in crafts.  Ray had a new fish for dinner but didn’t really like it.  We finally got to see the singers and dancers tonight in the show “H2Oh”.  Most of the songs were about water.  They were very good.

     The theme for the night is sponsored by the casino,”Five Oceans Casino Night”.  The dining room and deck 5 were decorated with cards and streamers.  Sorry, I didn’t bring my camera.  They said to bring your poker face and good luck charm and get ready for a night of good friends, gambling, free raffles, prize giveaways and drink specials!  I lost and went to the room.  Clocks get set back one hour tonight.

     “Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World.”  –  Christopher Columbus

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