Day 12–Saturday, October 8, 2011–At Sea

     Ray had said he wanted to sleep in this morning, so I was up and out while he was still sleeping.  It has been such smooth sailing.  Wayan asked me if I saw the sunrise, and I hadn’t, so I went to the aft Lido pool.  Gorgeous!

IMG_0003 Stitch day 12 sunrise

     I was getting ready to go to painting and Ray showed up.  It turned out we were wearing the same Myrtle Beach shirt, just different colors.  He wasn’t too happy.  It was paint what you want again today so I picked up a few tracings.  I couldn’t find the matching photos, so I winged it.  One was a scene from Vietnam and I thought the other one was a hot air balloon with flowers trailing from it.  When I turned it around to paint one area, I discovered it was really a vase with flowers.  We all had a good laugh, but I like it as a balloon.

     While in the Loft painting, they started the Polar Bear Plunge.  Some jumped into the aft lido pool and then got out.  If they could stand for 5 minutes they would receive 5 Grand Dollars.  It was around 54 degrees F.  IMG_0012    IMG_0013 

This was the aft pool at sunrise: 

     At 11 there was a bean bag challenge and then we went to La Fontaine dining room for lunch.  We each had a spring roll and wonton which was so delicious!  Ray had crispy cod and I had a turkey burger with cranberry mayo.  Both were very good.  We then went to golf chipping into the Lido hot tub.  I tied for first for the women and hit the ball into the special hula-hoop and won HAL golf balls and tees.  Go figure.  We then went to talk to the cruise consultant and yes, we did it again!  We signed up for the world cruise in 2013!  Woo-hoo!  I then dashed up to make a card in crafts and then got ready for HAL Chorale.  We’re starting to sound pretty good.

     At dinner time it was 57 degrees F and we have sailed 4245 nautical miles.  Dinner was good and then we saw the Moscow 4 again.  Their harmony is great and they looked much more relaxed on stage, especially the blond.  The dark-haired girl is a natural.  We really enjoyed the show.  By 9 PM we had sailed 4,307 nautical miles since Seattle and it was down to 55 degrees.

     “Imagination grows by exercise, and contrary to common belief, is more powerful in the mature than in the young.”      —                             W. Somerset Maugham


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