Day 14–Mon., Oct. 10, 2011–At Sea

     Not only is today Columbus Day, it is also Canadian Thanksgiving.  There are about 100 Canadians on board.  There are general similarities and differences in the observance of Thanksgiving Day between Canada and the United States.  Both were started by settlers who had a great big feast to celebrate a bountiful harvest.  In America the holiday is specifically tied to the pilgrims but Canada was primarily settled by English and French settlers, and thus two separate traditions were born.  The first Canadian Thanksgiving was held in 1579 in New Foundland.  It was started by English explorer Martin Frobisher during his time in New Foundland where he helped establish a settlement.  The French who settled in Quebec also had a great feast to give thanks called “The Order of Good Cheer“.  Later on, Americans who remained loyal to England and moved to Canada brought up their own customs, such as eating cornucopia and pumpkin pies.  The modern observance of Thanksgiving Day in Canada began I  1957, when Parliament declared that the second Monday of October will be “A Day of General Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed.”  It is observed earlier than the American version because in Canada the harvest season begins earlier than the US.

     Whenever we set the clocks back, it seems I get up early.  When it was 7 am here, it was 5 pm yesterday at home.  Today we are sailing in the Sea of Japan.  We worked with Chinese brushes and ink today in painting.  We then went to closest to the pin putting challenge and I heard someone say when we walked in, “Oh, they’re here.”  Oh well, I beat the men and ladies with a top score of 12 points.  I then went to the digital workshop:  Movie Making 2.  I’ve taken these before, but I can never attend enough.  Missed Ray for lunch and we met in the room.  I tried to get caught up with yesterday’s blog.  Before I knew it it was time for crafts.  We made blue earrings today.

     Dinner was formal tonight and Bonnie and Rich were eating in the Pinnacle Grill so I asked Carolyn and Tom, Watercolor teachers, to join us.  The dining room was decorated in red and white.  Our table is 46.

Canadian Thanksgiving IMG_0004

The show was a variety of our last three performers, Alwyn Wright, Dale Kristine and Gary Guthman.  Our clocks were set back another hour tonight and our gift was a map so we could chart our course.  Tomorrow is the first of six port days in a row, so keeping up with the blog will be tough.

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