Day 16–Wed., Oct. 12, 2011–Jeju City, So. Korea

     Jeju (Jeju-si) is the capital of Jeju province in South Korea and the largest city on the Island of Jeju.  Located in a southern island where the weather is mild even in winter, the city is a famous resort area with public casinos.  It was 61 degrees at 6 am and 66 degrees at 8:30 am.  We have sailed a total of 5125 nautical miles since Seattle.

     We had just finished breakfast in the Lido and noticed they were dancing, so we went downstairs to three deck to watch.  Something is wrong with my videos, I’m getting an exclamation point.  I’ll have to check with Will. 

IMG_0002 IMG_0019

     We docked on the new side of the pier, so they got a shuttle to take us to the other side to the terminal.  Only three of the shops were open.  Of course their prices were higher than Busan because this is a resort area.  We went back to the ship and went to Wii.

Jeju City terminal Jeju City terminal

     We had lunch, sailed away, and did shuffle quoits.  We also had to get our passports for Incheon.  It is strange that different ports in South Korea have different rules.  The evening show was Griffiti Classics.  No one knew what to expect.  It was such a great show, three violinists and a bass player.  They clowned around, danced and played and really put on a show.

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