Day 22–Tuesday, October 18, 2011–At Sea

     Another wonderful busy day at sea.  The seas are much calmer and it was 63 degrees at 11 am.  I’m sorry these posts are not interesting, as I’m writing this on Saturday, Oct. 22nd, and it is hard to remember just what we did.  I just got so far behind on posts.  We are usually up early as painting starts at 9.  We are still working with Chinese brushes.  They are not really my forte.  We had a 3-hole golf challenge and I came in 2nd for the women.  They usually separate men and women.  I planned on doing line dancing, but something came up.  There was arts and crafts and HAL Chorale in the afternoon.  Ray goes to the Culinary demonstrations.  One of the guest chefs is Ray Bear from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

     One of the speakers on board is Aileen Bridgewater, who hosted Hong Kong’s longest running English daily radio talk-show for 14 years, broadcasting phone calls live as they happened.  The program reflected the social situation of the times, from the Cultural Revolution to the British handover to China.  Ray went to one of her talks and I saw some of it on TV.  Other speakers were Joe Daley, John Palmisano and Rod Baldwin.

     Award winning concert pianist Tomono Kawumra from Japan was our entertainment for tonight.  She played her own composition she did when she was 12 years old.  We saw her before and she is amazing.  Her fingers fly over the keyboard.

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot se the shadow.” ~ Helen Keller

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