Day 27–Sunday, Oct. 23, 2011–South China Sea

     Today was a very busy, partly sunny day at sea.  Ray was coughing a bit, so he slept in until 9:15.  He seems much better today.  I went to painting and then bean bag toss on the Lido deck.  I then worked on my photos and blogs, but could not get an Internet connection.  Xiamen is not far from Hong Kong, so we were sailing at about 6 nautical miles per hour.  It felt like we were standing still.

     Today the food crew prepared another great Mongolian Cookout and again I didn’t have my camera.  Maybe next time I will remember it.  I guess I could cheat and use photos from the world, but I won’t.  They started setting it up when I went for breakfast.  After lunch was the first Grand Dollar redemption and we got another dresser top holder for small things.  It was the same offerings as the world.  We had a HAL Chorale rehearsal and then performed in the guest talent show, singing Food, Glorious Food from Oliver.  We then went to hear Stryker’s Ol’ Time Gospel Hour in the Piano Bar.  The place was packed.  He sure can play the piano.

     After a chateaubriand dinner, the Amsterdam singers and dancers performed Avalon.  We have seen this show before, but we enjoyed it.  They all have such energy.  The Adagio Strings played with the orchestra tonight.  Finally!  Internet Access!

The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.” `Henry David Thoreau

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