Day 29–Tues., Oct. 25, 2011–Honk Kong, Special Administrative Region, PRC

      Chinese Superstitions    One of the most prevalent superstitions in Hong Kong is the belief in the power in numbers.  In the Cantonese language, many words share the same pronunciation as numbers.  For example:  three sounds similar to ‘life, nine sounds like ‘eternity’, and eight like ‘prosperity’.  Lowest on the list is four, which sounds like ‘death’.  Each year the Hong Kong government draws in millions of dollars for charity by auctioning off automobile license plates which feature lucky numbers.

     320 or so new passengers got on yesterday so the Lido is not self-service for 3 days.  We decided to eat in the dining room.  We were going to take the HOHO bus, but it is $45. per person.  We were going to take it just to ride around and see things until we picked up Ray’s jacket at 1.  We walked over to Nathan Road instead to just walk around and see what we could find.  We saw a sign in a jewelry shop window that had a removal sale, so we went in to look and I ended up with a gorgeous pendant.  We walked down a few alleys and also found a discount store.  We bought a few more things and headed back to get the jacket.

IMG_0003 IMG_0005IMG_0004 IMG_0012IMG_0013 IMG_0033

     We had lunch on the ship and then had a safety drill.  I hooked up to the local hotel and cleaned up Ray’s 893 emails.  We watched sail away and then went to dinner.  The entertainment tonight was Ted Holum, a very good comedian.  We received wheeled duffel bags tonight and it isn’t formal night.  The ship is rocking a bit tonight.

IMG_0027 Stitch Hong Kong dock

     Clocks were set back one hour tonight.

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