Day 32–Fri., Oct. 28, 2011–South China Sea

     Another great day at sea, except for this cough I have developed.  My voice has turned bass.  Hopefully it will go away soon.  I have been taking my Mexican drugs.  In watercolors we do our own thing again so I painted a junk.  In Wii we did the game where you ride a cow.  We both came in second.  Another game to buy when we get home.

Wii  Wii

     There was another Mongolian Buffet today.  I felt so bad for the cooks as it was so hot outside, we are almost to the equator.  Singapore is just 1 degree 15.73’ north of the equator.   Julius cooked my lunch.

Mongolian Buffet  Mongolian BuffetMongolian Buffet Mongolian Buffet

     We went for our second Indonesian Language Class.  Rays picks up languages quickly.  I can’t seem to remember them or roll my r’s.  Clocks were set one hour forward at 2 pm today, so it was a short afternoon.  We made a folded card in crafts.  I was not feeling too good but went to the formal dinner anyway, it is Black and Gold Night.Black & Gold Formal night Black & Gold Formal night

I wasn’t going to go see the show, but I felt better after dinner so we went.  Wu Man played the pipa, which is sort of like a banjo.  She was in our watercolor class and translated some Chinese for me.  It is not really my kind of music and a lot of people walked out.  She is excellent on the pipa and she explained it.  It has 4 strings and played with 5 fingers.  She wears fake nails to play the steel strings.  It would have been great if she had played one Dixie type song on it.

Wu Man playing a Pipa  The Black and Gold Ball was tonight which we did not attend.  Maybe the next one.

“Live out of your imagination instead of out of your memory.” ~ Les Brown

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