Day 33–Saturday, October 29, 2011 – Singapore, Republic of Singapore

     Ray tried to let me sleep in, but I heard him moving around and he left for breakfast at 8 and then I got up and joined him.  My cough is not really better, but I feel okay.  My voice is almost back to normal.  We do not dock until noon.  After breakfast we went to watch the final game of the World Series.  It is Friday night at the game, but it is Saturday morning here.  We redeemed some more Grand Dollars and I think Ray is watching Mark make Chocolate Lasagna.  I decided to stay in the cabin and catch up on typing, and cough in private.  Our cabin steward wants to show his family our cabin in Jakarta on Tuesday, so I have been putting some stuff away.  Another RBI for the Cardinals in the bottom of the seventh.  They are also showing the game in the sports bar. . . .  I just came back from playing ring toss on the sports deck and just missed the end of the game.  I don’t know where Ray is.  We are just pulling into the dock and it is 82 degrees, 77% humidity, sunny but a sprinkling of rain.  Ray just walked in and didn’t watch the chocolate lasagna, he was watching the ball game.

IMG_0001 IMG_0002

     We don’t have a tour today so I guess we will have lunch before going ashore.  Getting ashore is a little more involved than other ports.  We have to go through passport control and bag screening getting on and off the ship.  They still have the same warning on the back of our landing card:  WARNING  DEATH TO DRUG TRAFFIKERS UNDER SINGAPORE LAW.                                                                       IMG_0003We went into the terminal and Ray found his cookies.  Well, not the raisin cookies he wanted, but close.  We had to go to the next mall over to get a pharmacist so I could buy Duro Tuss cough lozenges.  We went back to the Harbor Mall and Ray got a T-shirt.  Back on the ship and relaxed.

     We weren’t going to go to the movie tonight, but both Vera and Erica said it was a good movie, so we went.  It was “The King’s Speech” starring Colin Firth as King George VI who unexpectedly becomes King when his brother Edward abdicates the throne.  We enjoyed it.

“The supreme happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved – – loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.” ~ Victor Hugo

One Response to “Day 33–Saturday, October 29, 2011 – Singapore, Republic of Singapore”

  1. linda737 Says:

    Susan….your painting of a cat is very well done! I really enjoy reading your well-thought-out details of the voyage. Keep smiling! Linda

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