Day 35–Mon., Oct. 31, 2011 – At Sea

     I was up at six so I sent out a couple of blogs.  The Internet was really slow.  I tried to go back to sleep, but no luck.  Happy Halloween Everyone!  Hope you are not snowed in.

     After breakfast I went to water color and painted a lotus blossom.  It poured in the middle of class and the sun came out again.  The water at breakfast was like glass.  We went up to the sports deck for witchy wiffleball toss, but the sky was getting dark again so we went to the Lido.  Good move – it started to pour.  They closed the cover over the pool and then it got so hot.  Ray and I placed so we won grand dollars and a little jack-o-lantern.  Instead of wiffleballs we tossed the pumpkins in wine holders.  I tried to nap before lunch, but no avail.  I wonder why I try?  My cough is much better.

     I picked up some pictures from the photo department and then looked at my pictures and selected some to try to paint.  I put them on my flash drive and brought it back up to the photo department.  It was then off to crafts to make earrings to match the bracelet we made yesterday.  At the end of crafts Bev made an announcement that one of the cabin stewards was leaving tomorrow because his son died and she asked for donations.  The ship won’t make an announcement because we are to have a happy time, but we’ll try to pass the word.  His 3-year-old had asthma and he didn’t have the money for the medicine.  Today was the day I picked to color my hair and Ray took a nap.  At 4:30 there was 79% humidity and 82 degrees F or 28 C.  We have sailed 9,515 nautical miles. 

Halloween Halloween Halloween

     The ship went all our in decorating for Halloween.  There were quite a few passengers dressed up for Halloween at dinner.  David Howes was the entertainer.  We’ve seen him before, he’s the one that ends up playing a trumpet on a walker.  We enjoyed it.  We then went up to the Crow’s Nest to watch the costume awards.

Halloween Halloween

“We’re so engaged in doing things to achieve purposes of outer value that we forget that the inner value, the rapture that is associated with being alive, is what it’s all about.”  ~  Joseph Campbell

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