Day 42–Mon. Nov. 7, 2011–At Sea

     Today is Celebration Day to collectively celebrate the special moments in our lives with shipboard family and friends.  We saw Rich this morning and he told us their new great-granddaughter Guinevere was born last night.  I finished my reflections painting and then went to sharing photos in the digital workshop.  When I get home I will have to sign up for sky drive at

     We started to rock during lunch and the Captain said the wind would pick up later.  The put up the barf bags near the elevators.  At 1 pm there was a crafters show and tell.  One couple brought on 2 sewing machines because they are making a quilt and have a deadline for it.  Another woman also brought on a sewing machine.  I did meet another quiller.  There are some very talented women on this cruise.  In crafts we made another pair of earrings, silver and black.  I am getting pretty good at it.  We were really rocking by then and we tried to nap, but it was easier to just lie down.

IMG_0004 IMG_0040

     It was formal night for Celebration Day and there were balloons all over the place and we each got a party hat.  We toasted Guinevere.  It was a variety show tonight with Davie Howes and Mariusz.  At the end of the show they played together and each band member had a solo.  Our gift was another set of flexi thin magnifiers.  Tonight was also the dessert extravaganza on the Lido deck.  They had to drain the pool because of the rough seas.


“Nature’s great masterpiece, an elephant; the only harmless great thing.”  ~ John Donne

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