Day 45–Thurs., Nov. 10, 2011–At Sea

     The driving forces for ocean currents are the earth’s rotation, wind friction at the surface of the water and variations in seawater density due to differences in temperature and salinity.  The interaction between wind and current as a major effect on climate and is studied for long-range weather prediction and for sea travel.

     I decided to stay in bed this morning until about 10 am.  I missed breakfast but one of the guys got me donuts.  I went down to see the Cruise Critics group, but Ray wasn’t there so I didn’t stay.  We will call them when we get home.  Ray went to culinary and I went up for Wii.  We did driving and I came in first by seconds.  Three more grand dollars for the pile.  We ate (Julius made my special spaghetti for me) and Ray went to sports and I went to paint.  We did printing today.  We put a little Joy on plastic sheets, painted on them with a paint I can’t remember the name of, put a wet piece of print paper on it and rolled it with a brayer.  We lost another hour at 2 pm again today and at 3:30 I went to the digital workshop, making movies 2.  It said in the program we would use live writer to make blogging easier, but Will said he can not do blogging classes.

     After dinner the show was master guitarist Francis Diatschenko, who was also on the world cruise.  He is very good.  Before the shows start, I work on the cross stitch I bought in Xiamen, China.

     We each received a poppy lapel pin to wear tomorrow for Veteran’s Day.


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