Saturday, April 7, 2012 – Grand Princess

     We decided not to go downstairs for another bad breakfast so we split a K-bar and had coffee and tea.  I finished putting together the suitcases and we went downstairs for the shuttle to the ship.  There were a lot of people waiting as there were about 6 or 7 ships in port.

     We arrived at the port a little after 11 and they started checking us in about 12, after the platinum and suite guests had finished.  We were able to get right in our cabin and then we went to the dining room for lunch.  We each had a delicious hamburger.  We then checked out some of the ship, I picked up some library books and we went back to the cabin.  Our luggage was inside, so we unpacked.

     Maybe it was a good thing that Spirit only allows 40 lbs. per bag as there is only one closet, 2 drawers each, 5 1/2 shelves and 3 drawers in the desk.  In the bathroom Princess supplied shampoo, cream rinse, body lotion, tissues and soap.  There is a hair dryer near the desk on the wall and 2 outlets.

IMG_0011  IMG_0012  IMG_0013  IMG_0014shower  IMG_0015  IMG_0016

     We had our General Emergency Drill and Ray watched some of the Masters Golf. We did not go to the Cruise Critic sailaway, we watched it from our room.  I waived, but I don’t think Kay’s sister saw me.

IMG_0002  IMG_0004

  We went to dinner in the Botticelli Dining Room,table 256.  It is a nice round table for 6 near the door on a raised platform.  Only one other couple showed up, Jeannette and Jacques from Ottawa, a very nice couple.  Ray had the pork and I had prime rib, both very good.  Our waiters were George and Peter.  The seas were a little rocky during dinner but they settled down.

     We went to the Welcome Aboard Showtime in the Princess Theater which featured Magician Richard Griffin and the Grand Princess Singers & Dancers.  It was hosted by the Cruise Director, Billy London.  He introduced his staff.  When we left the theater we ended up in the Casino!  Ray stayed for a bit and I went up to the Lido for some iced tea.  The clocks will go forward one hour this evening.

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