Sunday, April 8, 2012 – At Sea – Happy Easter!


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      There was a beautiful display of Easter Eggs on Deck 5 in the Piazza.  The ship had  a Catholic Mass and an Interdenominational Service.  We went up to the golf simulator on 16 for a closest to the pin competition.  I came in last.  We then went to ONE 5 for our Cruise Critic Meet and Greet.  There were about 115 in the group.  It was hard to meet everyone in such a crowded space.  It would have been nice if a mike was available.  Captain Herriott attended with about 5 other staff members including the Cruise Director Billy London.  We got the details for our Azores tour and picked up our buttons and magnets.  We also signed up for the Poker Crawl but didn’t see any sign up for a slot pull.  As we were leaving, Linda’s friend Lana (from the cruise just before this one) introduced herself to me.  She told me there was a nice group of ladies that meet, Knitters and Natters, to work on projects.  I didn’t bring any on this cruise.

Cruise Critic M&G  Cruise Critic M&G

     We missed the golf open round 1.  We ate in the Horizon Court Buffet for lunch and by the time we located where everything was, Ray’s food was cold.  The waiters do come by to get your drinks, however.  Ray went off to see if any CC folks went to the poker are and I decided to go to Zumba class.  Now, it has been  a couple of years since I went to Zumba and Kelly started right in with not too much explanation.  Let’s just say I kept moving and 45 minutes later I thought I would die.  If that wasn’t enough, Tais had a Line Dancing class right after that which involved another 40 minutes of moving.  At least it was fun!

     The other couple at our dinner table showed up, Donna and Steve from Massachusetts, about 50 miles from Boston.  I couldn’t even begin to tell you what was on the special Chef’s Dinner tonight.  Good thing they still had the always available menu.  Ray had fettuccini and I had a small steak and we both had cheesecake for dessert.

     After dinner we went upstairs to the Vista Lounge to see Joshua Seth, a hypnotist.  It was a great show and two people really became the stars.  Ray went to the casino and I went to the Explorers Lounge for a Jeopardized Trivia Gameshow.  I joined a single woman and a couple of guys and we did pretty good.  After that I met up with Ray at the Princess Theater for Kyle Esplin, a piano entertainer.  He sings and plays like Jerry Lee Lewis with a ragtime vibe and he has not taken a lesson and does not read music.  He entertained us for a full hour!

     I wanted to get an iced tea, so we went up to the Horizon, but it closed down at 11.  We went down to Alfredo’s Pizzeria on 5 and shared a small pizza — so good!

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Being that Princess is the “Love Boat”, they post romantic quote for each day.

“That love is all there is, is all we know of Love.” – Emily Dickinson

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