Tuesday, April 10,2012 – At Sea

     After breakfast we went to play X-Box Kinect: Skiing.  The guy running it said it was easier than Wii, but we don’t think so.  He had trouble setting it up.  It was fun, but we didn’t do well.  They don’t give out prizes, it is just for fun.  After that we went to the Essence shop to get a raffle ticket.  I had bought Lancome yesterday and today they were giving out raffle tickets for a chance to win a Lancome gift basket worth $200.  Of course you have to be there to win it and they are drawing it on the 19th at 5 rpm.  Now I will have to remember to attend.  I headed to the cabin and spent a couple of hours on the computer and couldn’t get through.  Ray went up for the basketball shoot-out.  There were big swells in the ocean but it was a smooth ride.  It was 66.7 degrees around noon.

     We went to Alfredo’s Pizza for lunch.  Pizza is all they serve and it is delicious!  I missed Zumba and Line Dancing because today was the Cruise Critic Yankee Gift Exchange, Cabin and Poker Crawl.  George had to cut the list to 35 so it wouldn’t take forever.  This is how his YGE worked.  Everyone brought a $10 to $15 gift from their home city or state to exchange and you received a number.  George made a random list of everyone’s number.  All the gifts were put in a pile.  A number is called and that person chooses a gift, opens it and shows it to everyone.  The next number is called and that person can either take the gift that was just opened or choose one from the pile.  The game continues with a gift stolen or chosen from the pile.  To make things interesting, after three gifts are chosen from the pile, the next person must steal a gift from someone.  Some gifts are more desirable than others, so after a gift is stolen 3 times, it is retired.  You can not steal a gift right back in the same turn — if your gift is stolen, you can either choose a gift from the pile or steal  different gift.  A bit of strategy was used by some — if a gift was stolen and they really wanted it back, they would steal from their spouse and then their spouse would steal the gift back.  We had a fun time and it seemed that 2 gals kept having their gifts stolen.  We then split into 3 groups and started on the cabin crawl.  We visited 8 different categories of cabins and if you paid $5 you picked up a playing card in each room.  After we saw all the cabins we met in the Horizon Terrace to see who had the highest and lowest hand.  The winner won $90!  It wasn’t either one of us 😦

     Dinner was good and the show tonight was vocalist Paul Baker.  He was very good.  The first seating is always SRO and most people arrive 45 minutes early to get a seat.

     The clocks were set ahead one hour tonight.

Did you know?

     Did you know that the idea for Princess Cruises came about because there wasn’t enough hotel space in Seattle during the 1962 World’s Fair?  Local businessman Stanley McDonald thought of a unique way to solve the problem, and in the process, he started a cruise line . . . and made history.

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