Thursday, April 12, 2012 — 5th Day At Sea

     We woke today to the sound of the phone ringing.  Frank and Margaret’s friends, Jim and Sheila, are on this cruise.  It was about 9:25 which meant we slept through breakfast and Zumba.  We headed out for a light breakfast.  The ocean was super smooth today.  The crew has said this is the best crossing in 6 years. 

     Nothing really exciting happened today, I did some hand washing and a little typing.  It is so hard to keep up with this blog.  I am writing this on Saturday, so it is hard to remember what we did.  I did go to Line Dancing and crafts to make a postcard frame.  I like the frame idea, it was origami.  Ray listened to the Sounds of the Beatles in the Piazza before dinner and we met in the dining room.

     After dinner we went to get a seat for the show and it was packed.  We ended up in the third row on the end so Ray could stretch his left leg.  It was an excellent show, but I got a stiff neck from having to look up and to the right.  It was no smoking night in the casino so I went with Ray for almost an hour and I came out $1.70 ahead.  We then went to the Vista to hear Alan Shiels sing and play the piano.  He usually plays in Crooners.  We left early and had pizza.  We have to set the clocks ahead again tonight so I headed upstairs.

     “If music be the food of love, play on.”  —  William Shakespeare

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