Wednesday, April 11, 2012 – At Sea

     I was up early today and went to the Internet cafe to send out some blogs.  I was not able to do it from my room.  I had some breakfast and then went to Zumba at 9 am.  I went back to the room and Ray was still sleeping but was up by the time I got out of the shower.  I went with him while he had something to eat and we went out to the Horizon Terrace pool to take in some sun and air.  Ray left after a bit and I stayed to read my book.

     The CC group was meeting at 11:30 for the Pub Lunch, but as Ray got a late start we opted for the grill.  The grilled chicken sandwich was not that good and eating outside, the fries got cold quickly.  At 1:30 we met in the Vista Lounge to join Hypnotherapist Joshua Seth, author of the book ‘The Weight Loss Hypnosis Solution’ to learn how to let go of those extra pounds.  We’ll see how that works.  Of course he was selling his tapes and book.  I stayed for line dancing but had to leave early to get to the crocheting craft group.  They gave us yarn, a hook, needle, button and an instruction book for making a little purse.  The gal giving out the supplies did not know how to crochet.  We’ll see how this goes.

     Dinner time was upon us and again the entire table ordered the turkey.  If you don’t leave the dining room by 7:30, you will not get a seat in the Princess Lounge for the show.  On our way to see the show Lubo and Lucy were doing their balancing tricks in the Piazza.  Lubo, balancing artist Ray likes to sit on the aisle so his left leg can be stretched out.  The only seats like that open were in row 3.  We laughed tonight with the comedy of Rikki Jay. We then went to the Explorers Lounge for the passenger feud gameshow.  It was funny because the 2 staff members were not sure how the original family feud game show worked and some of the audience was getting hostile.  We lost another hour on the clock tonight.

“It is love, not faith that move mountains.” — George Sand

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