Sunday, April 15, 2012 — At Sea — Titanic Anniv.

     We slept a little late today so we had a quick breakfast in the Horizon Court and then headed to the Princess Lounge for the 100th Anniversary Titanic Memorial Service lead by Captain Herriott.  It was a moving service with prayers, poems, hymns, Amazing Grace played on the bagpipes by a passenger, a wreath laying, taps, and a minute of silence.  We learned that the purple stripe on an engineer’s jacket is in memory of the engineers lost on the Titanic.  We are off the coast of France right now with overcast skies and a temperature of 53.6 degrees.   We have sailed 3,637 miles so far.  I am still having a little trouble living on the port, aft side of the ship.  I am used to living closer to the front and I keep going the wrong way.  They took out the center staircase, so that takes some getting used to also.  I am still working on my crocheting and reading.

     We tried to meet up with friends of Frank & Margaret but they didn’t get our message in time to meet up at lunch.  We talked a bit with Donna and Steve and went upstairs for a hot dog.  I had my eye on them all week and today was the day.   It was too cold to eat on the deck so I said let’s go down to the Vista.  Oops, wrong end of the ship.  We sat outside the casino and then Ray heard the horse racing.  I was going to go to Zumba but a try at a nap and reading got in the way.  There was a message from Sheila and Jim and we will try to meet them tomorrow.

     After dinner there were 2 shows.  We went to the Vista first to see “Motor City” by the singers and dancers.  The entire show was non-stop and they will do this show 4 times so everyone can see it.  We then went to the Explorers Lounge to see a Sherlock Holmes Musical Murder Mystery, but there were no seats.  We continued on to the Princess Theater to see Rikki Jay again, the comedian.  I will have to check my notes and see if he was on the Amsterdam.  He was great.  Our clocks were set ahead again one hour tonight.

“To be in love is to surpass oneself.”  —  Oscar Wilde

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