Monday, April 16, 2012 — At Sea

     We had a quiet breakfast in the Horizon Court and then dropped off our request for shuttle tickets in Dublin, costing $8 per person each way.  There wasn’t much that interested us in the Patter today but we decided to go to the Culinary Demonstration & Galley Tour in the Princess Theater.  They had a kitchen backdrop and a cooking island on stage.  Chef David McDonald Greves and Maitre d’ Fabio Marcotti were quite the comedy team while preparing 3 Italian dishes.  I was charging my camera battery for tomorrow, so there are no pictures.  We then went on the galley tour.  Nothing was explained, but they had some gorgeous fruit and vegetables out for us to see.  As with all tours, we ended in the Michelangelo Dining room in which they were having an onboard outlet sale.  They were trying to get rid of the Caribbean items. 

     Last night at dinner they gave us some information about the galley tour.  I will share some of it with you.  On a single cruise, the shopping list consists of between 110 and 115 tons of food.  I think they said they loaded 140 tons for this cruise.  In the fish preparation are 3 butchers clean the fresh catch and cut the fish into tender portions before it is sent to the galleys where chefs will carefully complete its preparation  The average amount of fish prepared daily is 1,700.  In the meat  preparation area 5 butchers, 3 assistants and helpers slice and portion choice selected beef and poultry before sending it to the galley where a team of 12 artfully complete its preparation.  The average amounts of meats cooked daily is:  Poultry-1,400 lbs.; Veal-300 lbs.; beef-1,700 lbs.; lamb-200 lbs.; port/pork products-1,400 lbs.  Eleven crew members work in the garde manger (cold kitchen) for salads and fruit and vegetable displays where the mixing and slicing machines and refrigerators are kept.  The average amount of:  salads served daily – 1,600 lbs.; shrimps used daily – 400 lbs.;  mayonnaise daily – 13 gals.; sandwiches daily – 1,500.  Thirteen members of the galley crew work in the soups, pastas and vegetables area.  The daily average amounts are:  Pastas – 500 lbs.; potatoes – 2,700 lbs.; vegetables – 2,500 lbs.; soups – 550 gals.  There are 10 bakers that use an average of 1,500 lbs. of flour each day.  The pastry shop has 13 people during the day and 4 all night and the daily average is:  pastries – 6,000; ice cream – 100 gals.; cakes and pies – 300.  In the fruit and cheese pantry 6 members use an average of 400 lbs. of butter a day and 6,000 lbs. of fresh fruit.  The daily average amount of coffee is 470 gals, 62 gals. of coffee cream and 400 lbs. of sugar.  57 people work in the dishwashing area washing a daily average of 70,000 dishes, 21,500 glasses using 58 gals. of detergent.  That is for the passengers, I think on this cruise it is 2,250 and over 1,100 crew members use more!

     We met Sheila and Jim in the Piazza and talked for a while.  They were headed to the Horizon Court and we opted for the Pub Lunch, fish and chips.  The CC group was having lunch today at 12 in DaVinci. 

     At noon it was overcast and mostly cloudy at 50 degrees.  We are cruising at 16.5 knots and have sailed 8,178 nautical miles since Ft. Lauderdale with 254 miles to go to Greenock, Scotland.  Nothing sparked our imagination for the afternoon, so we decided to do laundry.  It is $2 for the washer and $2 for the dryer, both full sized.  The problem is that a lot of the dryers aren’t working so they are at a premium.  Our stuff wasn’t quite dry after 30 minutes but people were waiting so their are shirts hanging all over the room.  Ray napped and I read and crocheted.  It was too cold on deck and their were white caps, 5 foot waves,  but it was smooth sailing.  In the afternoon you could see Ireland off the Port side as we sailed the Irish Sea.  We are 5 hours ahead of the US East Coast time zone.  I think we will change the clocks once more when we go to France, and then back again when we land in Southampton.

     After dinner tonight there are 2 shows.  The singers and dancers performed again but went to see Joshua Seth, the hypnotist, again.  He did some mental telepathy things with the audience and only missed once.  The movie “The Artist” was shown on Stateroom TV’s after 8 PM, but it is a movie you have to concentrate on and not do anything else, so we didn’t watch it.  The casino is closed.

What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”  —  Ralph Waldo Emerson

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