Thursday, April 19,2012 — Falmouth, England

     The ship was rocking a bit last night as we got closer to Falmouth.  Falmouth is in Cornwall, that far southwestern tip of England.  It is the last glimpse which departing sailors have of the land, before it ends at Land’s End.  A rugged backbone of granite juts into the sea, carved and shaped by the wind and water, but refusing to yield to either.  The beauty of the long coastline is hard to surpass, with the rocky bastions alternating with sheltered coves and wooded inlets.  Falmouth is one of those well-sheltered bays with plenty of deep anchorage space.

     We could watch the life boats being lowered right outside our window and then had a nice view of the coast with the boats out of the way.

     We decided against a tour and decided to just walk around on our own.  The ship was slow in tendering and we waited a little over an hour to get off about 11:45.  Just as in Greenock, Falmouth has cruise ship ambassadors to help us.  They also supply a shuttle bus into town. IMG_0453 They gave us a map with a route to walk back to the ship.  It passed many shops, churches, restaurants and was almost a pedestrian street.  We found an Internet, but no news of Susie.  We stopped at a tea shop and I had Cream Tea.    It is a scone served with clotted cream, strawberry jelly and a pot of tea.

We walked a bit more and went into a Church of England which is like an Episcopal Church. IMG_0462  The kneeling bench is actually a needlepoint pillow.  We then continued along the road and came upon a fish and chip shop so we stopped there and Ray had fish and chips.  Lucky for me they had WiFi and I sent out Dublin’s blog.  Everyone in the town was very friendly and it was a nice sunny, cool day.

 IMG_0472 IMG_0459 At the end of the road there was a shuttle back to the ship.  It did not seem too rough on the tenders at all.

     I went up for the Lancome drawing at 5, but they moved it to 7:30.  It was formal night tonight but the dining room was kind of empty.  Tomorrow night it will be open seating because of the trips to Paris.  We said our good-byes to Jeanette an Jacques but Donna and Steve weren’t there.  Because we were anchored, the ship had the engines running all through dinner with the thrusters going and it was like a jack-hammer going.  It was not a pleasant dining experience.  The lobster and beef Wellington were good.

IMG_0480   Peter and George

     The show was “British Invasion” by the singers and dancers and they were excellent.  We have seen 4 great shows of theirs.  We then went to the Marriage Match Show which was pretty good.  I headed for the cabin and gave my card to empty my casino money.  Clocks were set forward an hour tonight.

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