Sunday, April 22, 2012 — Munich, Germany

     The breakfast was included in our room price and they had the best hard rolls!  They also had yogurt, fruit, dried fruit, nuts, cereal, jams, cold cuts, cheese, tomato & mozzarella, cuke, soft-boiled and scrambled eggs, Bavarian loaf, meat balls, pastry, tea and many coffees and juice.  Our room was cleaned by the time we finished eating!

     Willy and Christine picked us up at 11:00 for another tour of the city.  Chinese Tower We saw the Chinese Tower, we passed the Olympia Park, the English garden the Schwabing area, Nymphenburg Castle and more.   It was raining off and on.  We passed a few arches and then headed out of town towards Gröbenzell. 

We stopped for lunch at Willy’s golf club.  We couldn’t decide what we wanted so we ordered the weiners or hot dogs.  The give you two, which equals 4 hot dogs.  They come in twos.  We also had French Fries.  It was good, but too much.  It then began to pour so we stayed and finished our beers.


     It wasn’t far to their lovely house.  Christine and Willy's home It didn’t look that big on the outside, but it had 5 stories above ground and 2 below.  They built it 25 years ago.  There is a gorgeous wood stove in the kitchen-family room and a huge round table with round bench.  All the floors are terra cotta tile.  The living room is on the second floor with a balcony/deck with a sunset view.  Across the street is farmland.  When we got to the bottom floor we found an indoor swimming pool and sauna and shower.  Lots of tile in the bathrooms and all still in style.  Their daughter stopped by and we had a good time.  Willy and Christine said they would take us to the castles on Tuesday.  It was getting late so they drove us back to the city.

     Hotel Mirabell

This is the Hotel Mirabell.  Shops were closed on Sunday evening and we walked two blocks south to the Beethoven Hotel for dinner.  We had the chicken.  There was a guy playing an out-of-tune piano in the dining room.  He was pretty good despite the piano!Dinner at Cafe Beethoven

Tomorrow Salzburg!

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