Tuesday, April 24, 2012 — Munich, Germany

      Willy called last night to tell us the weather would not be good today to visit the castles, so we will go tomorrow.  We had canceled our early morning wake-up, but we were up early anyway.  I decided to wash my hair and I totally flooded the floor as there is only a short glass partition on the tub.  Good thing I didn’t fuss with my hair as it was raining.  We decided that we would try to catch the Glockenspiel at 11 am.  A 3-day bus pass was included in our room price so we used it.  We had to walk to the Hauptbahnhof to catch the S-bahn.  We just had to go 2 stops.  When you go up the stairs you are right in the Marienplatz.  We found a good spot under an awning and waited 30 or 40 minutes in the cold.  I should have worn my gloves.


A nearby church started ringing its bells about 10 minutes before the Glockenspiel in the Rathaus began.  The whole ‘show’ was about 10 minutes.  I have some video of it but it won’t download on my Asus.

We walked across the Marienplatz to go through the door of the Rathaus or City Hall.                                               IMG_0743 







IMG_0741   IMG_0742

  We were so cold we decided not to walk around the area.  We did see it on Sunday night.  Back down to the S-Bahn and back to the train station.  We ate lunch and headed for the hotel, looking for a bakery.  We walked around the block of the hotel but Ray ended up going back to the train station and I went to the hotel.  We stayed in the room and tried to warm up and I worked on blogs.

     We left the room a little before 7 to go for dinner.  Ray spotted an Italian place around the block so we headed there.  It was tiny but the food was very good.  Ray had spaghetti and I had lasagna and both 0f us had a beer.

IMG_0749   IMG_0750

Here you have a smart car sandwich.


     The area around our hotel has clubs, sex shops, lap dances and a lot of Turkish stores.  The area feels safe enough to walk in, however.  We have a 7 am wake-up call set so we are ready to meet Willy and Christine for tomorrow’s adventure.

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