Wednesday, April 25, 2012 — Munich, etc.

     Another good breakfast and we went downstairs to wait for Willy and Christine. They were a little late because of traffic coming into the city. They gave us a great all-day tour. IMG_0760 Our first stop was at Hoher Peissenberg church with a beautiful view of the country side and of the Alps. We saw the Zugspitz. We were driving on the Romantische Strasse or Romantic Road.  We then went to the most famous church of Germany, the Wieskirche. It was beautiful inside.IMG_0778 I think this is the same church Linda and I visited in 1977. We are not too far from Bad Tolz. We then went to Neuschwanstein Castle.    On the advice of our tour guide on Monday, we took the bus so we could go to the bridge. We paid for round trip fares, but when you finally get to the castle, you would have to walk back up a hill for 20 minutes to get the bus or walk down the hill for 20 minutes to get to the car.    ( Gurdy player On the way to the bridge there was a man playing the Hurdy Gurdy. The view from the bridge was terrific, although the bridge floor sagged in a few places. It was a great photo op. We then walked up to the bus stop and then down to the castle. Willy and Christine said the would wait at the restaurant while we went through the castle. The next English tour wouldn’t be leaving for an hour and a half, so we skipped it.

IMG_0799  IMG_0810 (2)

We did see a man with a great curved mustache. We walked down a little bit and found Willy and Christine and we had waffles. The part we walked down was the road Linda and I walked up in 1977. Would not be able to walk up it today. IMG_0787 We didn’t go in it, but we could see Hohenschwangau Castle across the way.

   IMG_0858  IMG_0857

Our next stop was the Linderhof  Palace ( It was one the King Ludwig II actually stayed in, but as a recluse. He never married and the Palace was built for one in the manner of King Louis XIV of France. It was small but beautiful, if you like baroque and rococo style. They did not allow photos inside the palace, so we bought postcards. The tour ends in the gift shop, surprise, surprise. Outside of that is a beautiful water feature. The front also has a garden and water feature where the fountain goes off every 30 minutes. It was a hike back to the car but it was worth the visit.

IMG_0864 IMG_0871
     We then crossed the border into Tyrol or Austria for more beautiful views of the Alps. The little towns are very lovely and I loved the painted houses. We then drove back over the border and went to Oberammergau. It was getting late so we didn’t get out and walk around so we saved lots of money. We didn’t have room in the luggage anyway.
     From there we went to Garmisch-Partenkirchen for dinner. They chose Gasthof Fraundorfer and it was a great choice.

IMG_0906  IMG_0911

Ray and I had veal, and just as we were getting ready to leave, two young men came in to dance in their lederhosen along with the accordion player who played and sang during dinner.

Showalter 7 Castles German & Austria
     Willy then headed for the auto-bahn and we headed back to the hotel. He said he would come get us in the morning but it would be hard with the traffic. We said our good-byes and we had a great visit with them. We hope they will make it to Myrtle Beach someday. To make things easier. we checked out of the hotel tonight instead of in the morning and arranged for a cab. We went upstairs and packed. Another great adventure is coming to an end.

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