Thursday, April 26, 2012 — Munich to Myrtle

     Long story short, we made it home!

     Long story:  I forgot what time we asked for a wake-up call and when I woke up early, I got ready.  I woke Ray and he said I was an hour early and he went back to sleep.  I worked on Sudoku puzzles.  At 5:30 Ray got up and we went down for breakfast.  It was early but they let us in.  We didn’t want to miss those rolls!  We were already checked out and had a cab called for us.  It cost 8,10 Euro just to go the two blocks to the train station – they charge for luggage.  Once inside the train station we went to the ticket machine and couldn’t figure it out.  Ray stayed with the luggage and I went upstairs to the Information center which was outside.  They didn’t open until 9.  On the way back to Ray I saw the ticket window with a person in it and purchased a ticket to go with the one we had from the hotel.  I went down a different escalator and could not get to where Ray was so I had to go back upstairs and go down on another escalator.  We went to the train platform.  We had just missed the S-8 and would have to wait 20 minutes.  The sign said an S-1 would be leaving in 11 minutes so we took that one, even though the trip was a little longer.  All those going to the train station had to go to the rear of the train.  Off we went but could not find seats next to each other.  Two stops before the airport, the front of the train was un-hooked and went another way. 

     Once at the airport we had to go to Terminal 1 and we walked forever to get to A.  On the way a woman stopped us and asked if we had any unused subway tickets so we gave her the one from the hotel.  That was one way for her to save some money.   We finally found our way and then boarded Air Berlin for the 1-hour ride to Dusseldorf.  We were served drinks on the way.  Once in Dusseldorf we had another long walk to the connecting gate.  It was a long way around so we wouldn’t have to go through security, just passports.  We had good seats for the flight home, two together on the right.  The configuration was 2-4-2.  We were served drinks and 2 meals, 1 pasta and the other cold chicken nuggets with a type of cole slaw. 

     When we landed in JFK we had a short passport line but had to wait a bit for our luggage.  We finally got outside and it was raining.  The shuttle guy said we might do better with a cab but when we got there the line was sooo long and not enough cabs.  While there, we saw the shuttle bus for LaGuardia come in so we rushed back over there to catch it.  He wasn’t picking up, just dropping off, so we had to wait about 10 minutes for him to come back.  It was still shorter than the cab line.  When we got on the shuttle bus, the driver had to stop at 4 more terminals.  The ride was $10 each for the senior rate instead of $12.50.  I was nervous about making the connection but Ray kept telling me to ‘chill’.  We checked in with Spirit’s machine and then had to go on the line for ‘fast bag drop’ which was not fast.  We checked the weight and were 2.5 lbs. over in one bag, so we took stuff out and put it in the other bag.  We then had to bring our bags to the screening area.  Then it was off to the security check.  The wait wasn’t too bad.  When we reached the gate the sign said it was on time but it was boarding time according to our ticket, but no plane was there.  We boarded about a half hour late and then waited our turn to take-off.  Ray talked with another golfer the whole way to Myrtle Beach.  Jack was waiting to take us home.  Another great adventure.  Now we need Myrtle Beach to get some International flights and it will be even better.  I don’t think I want to do the JFK to LGA transfer again.

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