Eastern South America

     I am still trying to figure out SkyDrive.  I am going to post some pictures from our 2009 South American cruise and see what happens.  I thought I sent them to myself in an email, but I never received it.

      Well, that didn’t take too long to upload!  They came out in a different order, so they are not in sequence.  I wonder is there is a way to label them before I post them?

Tango in Buenos Aires

The video has been uploading for 5 minutes, so I guess this will be another long time to upload.  I hope I can figure out a way to do this using less time.  Oh, it just finished, 7 minutes.  I won’t want to use that much ship computer time to share videos.  This one has to go through YouTube.  Anyone know a shorter way?  The video was taken at La Ventana at a dinner show.


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