Nov. 4, 2012, Sunday

     We didn’t make use of the extra hour sleep as we both woke up early.  After breakfast at the buffet, we repacked the suitcase and went down to wait for the SAS Shuttle to Miami.  It arrived early and after one more stop we were on our way to the ship.  It was about a 25 minute ride.

     Check-in took just about 30 minutes and we were onboard the Pearl.  We found our cabin and put away the few things we had in our carry-on.  We went to the dining room for lunch.  We walked around to get our bearings and then took a video of our room.  We received a box of Lady Godiva Chocolate and a bottle of Champagne.  The mandatory life boat drill was at 3:15.  Our group met in the Summer Palace restaurant and we did not have to bring life jackets.  They showed us how to put on the life jackets, but we were not assigned to a particular life boat.  Football games were on all the TVs.

IMG_1218  IMG_1224 

     We signed up for the casino card.  You have to be 18 to gamble or be in the casino.  Smoking is allowed in the casino and there is no no-smoking area.  On NCL, the minimum age for the consumption of any kind of alcohol is 21 years of age.  A $12 discretionary service charge will be automatically added per guest per day.  This charge will be shared among those staff members, including the restaurant staff, stateroom stewards and other behind-the-scenes staff who provide services.

     We were in our room during sail away and didn’t feel the ship moving.  We didn’t get our luggage until 15 minutes before dinner, but with just one bag it didn’t take long to unpack.

     We went to the Summer Palace for dinner.  There was a beautiful sunset as we sat down.  I had onion soup and roast beef and Ray had a salad and lobster tail.  The show in the Stardust Theater had a little bit of everything tonight.  The Cruise Director is Julie.  The Spinnaker had a Battle of the Sexes Game Show.  There were lots of activities going on all over the ship.  There was a plate of chocolate covered strawberries on the bed when we returned.

IMG_1236 IMG_1229

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