Nov. 6, 2012, Tuesday, At Sea (Election Day)

     To celebrate our 30th Anniversary we went to the Summer Palace restaurant for breakfast.  We are having a wonderful cruise “doing nothing”!  Today was a different story.

     At 11 am we had our Cruise Critic Meet and Greet in Cagney’s on Deck 13.  The Captain came in just before 11, said hello, and was gone.  He did tell us he arranged a Bridge tour for this afternoon.  The rest of the staff came in and said a few words and then we signed up for the Navigation Bridge tour.  That was it, the fellow in charge never said a word.  We talked with a couple near us and then left.

IMG_1265 Stitch  IMG_1268

There was a beautiful reflection of clouds on the smooth & glassy sea.

     After lunch we had the Latitudes Cocktail Party at 1 pm in the Spinnaker.  We didn’t win any of the “expensive” raffle prizes.  The Captain said a few words and introduced some officers.  We met for the Bridge tour at 2:45 and then went up to the Bridge on deck 11.

IMG_1275  IMG_1276

    We were also invited to an “Exclusive Gathering” for wine and cheese hosted by the Cruise Consultant at 6 pm.  We missed that because we had made dinner reservations in Le Bistro for 5:30 pm.  We each had onion soup and filet mignon for dinner.  The soup was excellent and the beef was okay.  We’ve both had better.  Tonight was “Dress Up (or not) Night”.  Most chose not to.


     We finished eating just in time to go to the Stardust to see “Oh What a Night”, a tribute to Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons.  These 4 guys were excellent!   After that show they sold tickets to play 2 games of “Deal or No Deal”.  The first guy did choose the suitcase with $1000 dollars in it, but quit with $237.  The second guy went all in and ended up with $50.  If you don’t get picked to go on stage, you try to match the amounts on your card with the big screen.  One match, you win nothing.  Two, an Instant Win card, 3, an 8×10 photo, 4 was $50 and you could work up to a free cruise.  No audience member won more that $50.

IMG_1304 IMG_1305

     We got the election results when we turned on the TV after we returned to our room.

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