Nov. 7, 2012, Wednesday, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

     After a wonderful breakfast in the dining room we decided to go ashore.  The capital of Jamaica is Kingston and the Island is 90 miles south of Cuba.  The population is 8,200.  We docked at the Reynolds Pier, not the Cruise Ship Pier because the Aida Luna was there.  The walk into town was a 5-6 minute walk instead of a 2-3 minute walk.  It was hot, around 89 degrees.  We met people coming back already and they didn’t look happy.  It was the same old, same old with Jamaica.  Everyone was in your face (but not touching) wanting to sell you something or give you a ride.  We turned around and got back on the ship.  We looked at the videos we took and played around with them.

     After lunch we sat by the pool, but not long.  It was too hot.  Back in the room I started typing these blogs.  I finally looked at today’s Freestyle Daily and saw that I missed the only craft class – origami tulip.  Oh well.  No problem, Mon.  The outside temperature has dropped to 78 degrees and the humidity is 85%.  Sunset will be at 5:32 pm, but it is too cloudy now to get a good photo.

     We have traveled 790.8 nautical miles since Miami with 257.9 nautical miles to go until Georgetown, Grand Cayman.  There was a crew drill this morning and they sent down the life boat by our window.

 IMG_1306 IMG_1307

     There are lots activities available.  Some include:  early morning stretch class, fab abs, adult tennis, golf cage, sports court, trivia, Wii, movies, bowling, ping-pong, soccer, origami, rock climbing wall, bingo, art seminars, watch sales, Caribbean deck party, spa events and more.

     The shows tonight were Comedy Showtime:  The Second City, Chicago’s famed Comedy Troup which launched the careers of many.  NCL does not allow any photography or video recording at their shows.  Then it was up to the Spinnaker Lounge for the “Not so Newlywed Comedy Game Show”.  They are always funny.  We didn’t make it, but there was also the “Hot, hot, hot” deck party and a burlesque show.

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