Nov. 8, 2012, Thursday, George Town, Grand Cayman

     At 8 am it was 74.3 degrees with 79% humidity.  The bow cam showed some rain on the screen, but it was just cloudy.  We missed any showers of the day.   The ship had a laundry special for $24.95 for all the clothes you could fit into their bag would be washed and folded.  As platinum members, we get a load of wash free, so we sent a few things to be cleaned.

     We had to tender east of George Town, past the air port.  The only way to town was by cab, $5 per person each way.  Ray needed razor blades and his famous t-shirt and I wanted water.  With nothing else to do, we took the cab.  It was about a 15 minute ride into town and the driver said he would be in the same spot to take us back to the ship.  We got the water and razors.  The shop that Ray usually gets his shirts was closed so we had to do some hunting.  We found a shop and he got some shirts, but not the style he was looking for.  We browsed a bit and then took the taxi back to the ship.

     There were some activities going on, but I sent out a few posts of this blog instead.  The craft for the day was paper boxes.  Tried to nap and just relax.

     After dinner the show was Mark Angelo and Marlo, a comedy juggling and stunt show.  He was very good.  There was another game of Deal or No Deal and we bought a card this time.  Only one match each game, not a winner.  After that we went to the “55 To Stay Alive Game Show”.  It was like A Minute to Win It.  They had some good stunts:  picking up a cotton ball with suction from your nose, tossing ping pong balls, putting with a banana on a string into a hula- hoop, and swinging balls in panty hose at bottles (the panty hose went over your head).  We spent some time in the casino to end a great day.  They had their White Hot Dance Party poolside this evening.

     There is also a program onboard where you can have your luggage waiting for you at your final destination.  I don’t know what the fee is.  We didn’t take any pictures today.

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