Nov. 9, 2012, Friday, Cozumel, Mexico

     Cozumel from cabin

     We slept in until 8 am this morning.  The seas have been very calm this trip.  The seas went from smooth and glassy in the Caribbean to slight in the Gulf.  Waves are now 1.5 to 4 feet – it’s great!  We went to the dining room today and ended up talking to a lovely couple next to us.  We docked at 11 at the Punta Langosta Pier next to the NCL Star.  This is the main pier that leads to downtown.

     We walked down the long pier to the mall at the end and Ray’s legs held up well.  This new medicine is working.  We did the usual walk through a lot of the shops, bought a few things, and came back to the ship.  We took the video cam ashore to try it out, so no still pictures.  When we got back on the ship we saw the couple from breakfast in the Blue Lagoon, so we ate lunch there and chatted some more.

     We had a nice turkey dinner and went to see “Encore” which included songs of Broadway’s most recent hits.  The cast is very good and work hard.  We then went up to the Spinnaker on deck 13 to se the Second City “Unscripted”.  It was very entertaining.  We skipped the country hoedown music and went to the casino for a while.  Ray decided to play poker and I played a few machines and roulette.  Ray ordered me a drink and it was so strong.  Halfway through it I felt loopy and had them add some cranberry juice.  I then went back to the Spinnaker to watch Dancing with the Pearl Stars.  It was great.  The guests were really into it and very funny.  I forgot I had my camera with me or I would have taken some pictures.  I missed the chocoholic buffet, but was only going to take pictures anyway.   I almost finished my second book before falling asleep.

     Only one more day to do nothing  –  and tomorrow is a busy day!

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