November 10, 2012, Saturday, At Sea

     We had breakfast in the Summer Palace dining room this morning.  Ray is very happy that he can get his poached eggs ‘soft’ perfect!  Some time during the day we will have to find time to pack our little bag.

     As a platinum member we received a free “back stage pass” to the “Behind the Scenes” tour of the Pearl which usually costs $55 each.  It is a 2 1/2 hour tour that includes:  the main galley, the provision area, environmental systems, walking on I-95 on deck 4, main laundry on deck 3, a backstage tour in the Stardust Theater, and a bridge tour.  Camcorders were not allowed, but I did get some pictures.

     We have seen galleys before, but the recycling and laundry rooms were amazing.  The backstage dressing rooms were very crowded.  We skipped the Bridge tour as we saw that the first day.

      After lunch there was a juggling workshop, a towel folding demo, an ice carving demo and the slot tournament which we entered, and lost, and then an airplane extravaganza (flying paper airplanes across the stage).  Right after that was the International Crew Talent Show in the Stardust Theater.  We always enjoy them.  I just spent an hour or so trying to upload a video of one of the singers, but couldn’t figure it out.  Good think I wasn’t on the ship trying to do it.  (It is now Nov. 28 and I realized I didn’t finish the cruise blog!)  At the end of the crew show the entertainment staff performed “Fountains”.  That is always fun to watch.  If I ever learn how to upload my videos, maybe I’ll post it.

     We got most of our packing done before dinner.  Their was a Farewell Variety Showtime tonight featuring the production cast, Mark Angelo and Mario and the cast of Oh What A Night!.  The cruise director, Julie,  and Captain Gunnar introduce staff and many of the crew came on stage to say good-bye.

DSC00055 DSC00071

     We then went up to see “The Perfect Couple” game show.  Three couples had to perform crazy stunts.  It was fun to watch.  We then packed up the rest of our stuff and put our suitcase in the hall to be picked up.  They collect suitcases that you do not want to carry off yourself and you pick them up shore side tomorrow in port.


     We had our final breakfast in the dining room and then waited to be called off the ship.  We picked up our waiting luggage and went through customs.  It was very easy.  SAS was there and with a couple of calls we found each other for our ride back to Fort Lauderdale.  It was a very boring day waiting for our 8 PM flight.  I did get a scarf made.  It was a good flight home and it was great to sleep in our own bed.  Can’t wait for the next cruise!

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