Day 2, Sunday, Jan. 6, 2013 ~ At Sea

     We had a leisurely breakfast in the dining room and then went to Onboard Sports:  Bocce Ball where Ray and I each one a Grand Dollar for our round.  We went to the Ping Pong Tournament where we did not win.  We did some unpacking and then had a very leisurely lunch in the dining room.  I couldn’t find my pills at one point and then Ray couldn’t find one of his pills.  We had the beds separated so we could have more room in our cabin, 3309.  The bathroom is in the room behind the couch and the closets are on the other side

 cabin 3309 cabin 3309 

IMG_1429 Stitch.jpg bathroom  IMG_1427

We dumped a drawer where we had stowed things and got everything put where we wanted it.  I finally found the pills, so all is good.  We are still missing Ray’s reading glasses.  There were more activities going on, but most of our day was getting organized.  We have received 3 bottles of champagne from our travel agency.  We will trade them for wine in the dining room.

     Dinner was slow again tonight, so I mentioned it to Oky and he said it would be faster tomorrow.  I think he is in training.  I didn’t stay for dessert and left at 7 to get our seats in the Queen’s Lounge.  Ray showed up 40 minutes later saying dessert took long, also.   Our show tonight was comedian Joe Yannetty and we found him very funny.  There was a woman in the front row that kept talking to him and wouldn’t be quiet.  He handled her very well.  The ship has started rocking and it is tricky walking.

     We have two speakers on board right now.  One is Dan Ostler.  This is the blurb we received.  Dan graduated in Biophysics from the University of Waterloo and pursued a career in medical radiation physics.  Working in the areas of forefront research and product design, Dan had a ringside seat to the emergence of modern diagnostic radiology technologies as well as laser surgery.  One facet of his career was in education, and Dan has lectured world-wide illuminating the possibilities of these new technologies.  Long active in adult education, Dan now stages entertaining, thought provoking adult education presentations on world class cruise ships.  is interest in the way things work in the world of nature and the cascading effect of these interactions on the course of history has given rise to the ‘Earth Wind Fire and Water’ series he will be presenting here.  Dan and Donna (The Star Lady) are perennial shipboard favorites and have presented entertaining informative lectures on cruises all over the world including Europe, South America, Africa, the South Pacific, and the Far East. (website:

     “Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition.” ~ Alexander Smith

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