Day 3, Monday, Jan. 7, 2013 ~ At Sea

     Wow, did we rock last night and it kept it up until a little after noon.  It was still rocky, but not as bad.  Today had a full day of activities and a chance to meet the instructors.  Carol is doing painting and Maureen is doing the Crafts.  We also had our Cruise Critic Meet and Greet this morning in the Crow’s Nest.  I wasn’t able to find everyone on my tours.  It was windy and muggy and hot outside.  It was 81 degrees with 80% humidity.

     There are a lot of activities to choose from each hour.  For instance, at 9:00 there was Tai Chi, Introduction to Watercolors, Indoor Cycling $12, Wine Inquiry Desk, Onboard Sports:  Wii Challenge, and Transferring Photos.  1:00 was another busy time slot with a Slot Tournament, Transferring Photos, Cooking Show, Dance Class and an Acupuncture Seminar.

     At 4:15 it was time for the Captain’s Champagne Welcome Reception.  A couple sat next to us with a 19-month old boy dressed as a captain.  He was so cute.  The reception was followed by our first formal dinner.  We were the last table again to be served again.  I feel bad for him as he seems lost.  He has a lot of tables and needs some help from the Maître ‘d.

     The Singers and Dancers performed for us with “Hit Me With a Hot Note”.  This time there are 5 singers and 4 dancers.  Irving Brown and his orchestra played live music for them.  They were all terrific.

     Our other speaker is Jon Bailey, well-known as a conductor, composer and teacher in the field of music, art and architecture.  He holds degrees in music from Northwestern, UC Berkeley and a doctorate from Stanford University.  He was dean and professor of music at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music prior to teaching in the Yale School of Music.  Jon is professor emeritus at Pomona College in Claremont, California where twice he won the coveted ‘outstanding teacher of the year.’  In addition he teaches at the prestigious Fromm Institute for Radio, and was an Arts Commissioner with the city of West Hollywood, California.   A recipient of two Fulbright research grants, he has traveled and studied in Europe and Australia.  Jon has performed as a conductor and composer in Myerson Symphony Center, Dallas, Carnegie Hall, Boston Symphony Hall and Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, Tchaikovsky Hall, Moscow and the Glinka Kappella in St. Petersburg.  He has taken his collegiate and community choruses on tours to Europe, the Baltic Republics and Russia and has produced numerous CD’s.

“During your life, never stop dreaming.  No one can take away your dreams.”  ~  Tupac Shakur

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