Day 5, Wed., Jan. 9, 2013 ~ Panama Canal


I am not going to re-type everything on the back of the map.  I took pictures and I think you will be able to read them.

Panama Canal pt. 1Panama Canal pt.2Panama Canal pt. 3

     We ended up waking just as we were entering the canal, around 6 am.  We went out on deck 6 to watch for a while, but it was so hot and the bugs were finding me so we went for breakfast.  There were lots of activities to do while going through the canal.  It is still amazing to watch the locks work, although it was just so hot, and it was cloudy!  We are very close to the equator and at 10 pm it was 81 degrees.  We had a delay at one of the locks as a passenger was ill and had to be removed from the ship and taken to the hospital.

IMG_1442 IMG_1458

Us at the Gatun Locks and Ray with Dewa in the Lido.

Canal from Crow's Nest

The set of 4 pictures shows us waiting for the water in our lock to empty into the lake before they open the gates.


     The entertainment tonight was a bit of a disappointment, “Livin’ La Vida Latin championship ballroom dancers with Noel & Victoria.  I love to watch dancing, but they were not too exciting.  They did the Latin dances slowly for the most part.  She is gorgeous and flexible but we did not find them entertaining.

     Emily is the Librarian on board and she was also on our 2011 World and 2011 Asia cruises.  She was writing a book then and she has finished it!  I have almost finished reading it and there is a waiting list for it and there are only 2 copies on board.  It is called “Where The Waves Take Me, Musings of a Ship-side Gypsy” by Shaughnessy Brookes.  It is about her thoughts of various ports and some things that happen ‘below the water line’.  It is especially interesting for me to read, as I lived part of it with her!  For further information about Shaughnessy or to purchase additional copies of her work please visit her official website at: or email

“Happiness is not something readymade.  It comes from your own actions.”  ~  Dalai Lama

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