Day 13, Thurs., Jan. 17, 2013 ~ At Sea

     We are now sailing across the southern Pacific Ocean on our way to Easter Island.  I finished my painting of the 3 flower sellers.

My flower sellers  Carol gives us an outline, we trace it and then paint it.  Bruce and Kevin worked together on Tic Tac Toe Putt in the Atrium.  It was played a little differently from the last time.  Ray and I go on opposite teams so we at least win one dollar.  After lunch it was Wii, bowling again, so Ray left and I stayed – and my team won!  We made dragonflies in crafts.IMG_1729  We used wire, beads and mulberry paper.  It is around 3 inches long.  It could be a sun catcher or a magnet could be put on the back of it.

Ray went to an Apple Product Lovers get-together to try to get help with the iPad, but no one could help.

     We had a good dinner with Bonnie & Rich and then went to see “Abbafab” with songs from 1979 and a tribute to ABBA.

“There are three constants in life. . . change, choice and principles.” ~ Stephen Covey 

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