Day 17, Mon., Jan. 21, 2013–Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island, Chile

     We arrived on time and although there were 6 foot swells, it was decided they would send tenders ashore.  We anchored at a different spot than the 2011 cruise.  I think we were at Vinapu on the southeast shore.  The tours were going off first and we sort of decided we wouldn’t go off and let those go that had not been there.  Around 11 we heard the call there was room for 4* Mariners to go ashore.  We got our stuff together and went down to deck A to wait.  They had chairs set up for us.  I guess it was about a half hour wait.  It was very tricky getting on the tender.  You had to let them hand you aboard.  Just as I was about to step on, the tender moved away from the platform and I had to wait some more.  I got a little wet, but the water was warm.  It was the roughest ride we have had in a tender but after about 10-15 minutes we reached the dock.  There were vendors at the dock and it was about a mile or mile and a half walk to town.  We took some pictures by the moai by the dock and started into town.  We asked a couple on there way back how it was and they said there wasn’t much and very expensive.  We “shopped” at the dock. 

IMG_0908  IMG_0920

We had to wait for a while for tender back to the ship.  We got on and I sat in the front seat so I could make a video of the waves.  It was pretty rough and we were almost past the rocks and water was hitting the front window and going over the top and it was leaking on me.  All of a sudden we hit another wave and POW the front door/window crashed in!  I thought I was getting a video of all the water coming in, but my finger hit the off button.  I would have had a great video!  No one got hurt, but a lot of water came in the boat and I was wet from the waist down.  We turned around and went back to the dock and got off.  The gasket was broken and the frame had separated.  They covered it with a big roll of plastic and 40 of us got back on.  We had to sit in the back to keep the front end up.  It was quite an adventure!

Picture 247 IMG_0940 IMG_0943




            A passenger that took a morning tour left his pictures at the front desk for others to copy, so of course I did.  Here are a few of his shots from Rapa Nui aka Easter Island aka Isla de Pascua.  Picture 204 Picture 019

     We sent our wet clothes to the laundry and I washed the salt water out of my shoes.  After dinner, the show was the music and mayhem of David Howes from Britain.  He plays the piano, horns, tubes and walkers.  So Much Energy!  We received a certificate stating we were at Easter Island.  Our clocks were set back one hour tonight.

IMG_1778 IMG_1780

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