Day 19, Wed., Jan 23, 2013 ~ At Sea

     I should write sea day blogs on the same day to remember what we do.  Every sea day has so many activities to choose from.  This afternoon had 25 from which to choose.  I was able to finally get on line to send a few blogs.  We did go listen to Steven Greenberg talk about ophthalmologic eye surgery.  He was very interesting.  Ray has the beginnings of a cold and I hope we nip it in the bud.  I finished another book today.  I should do less reading and more work on my quilling or crocheting squares, which I haven’t started.  The ship has had a gentle roll and I really feel it if I am in our cabin, which is five cabins from the bow on deck 3.  Deck 3 is called the Lower Promenade and is the one that you can walk all around the ship on an outside deck (except for the covered area at the bow).

     Dinner was good, I had the chicken Kiev.  The side dish was potato, cucumber and beets, and I liked it!  Our show was Bettine Clemen starring in “Flutasia”.  She plays many different flutes and showed videos of places around the world.  We really enjoyed it.  The clocks went back another hour tonight.


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