Day 23, Sun., Jan. 27, 2013 ~ Papeete, Tahiti

IMG_1847 IMG_0979


     When we went to the Lido, we found out that you could no longer help yourself to food, it was served.  We found out that the other ship in port and some on the Island have the virus.  There was music to greet us as we got ashore.  Being a Sunday, not all shops were open.


We made our way over to the market and ordered some flowers for our room.  For $17 we received a lovely arrangement!  It was very hot and muggy in the market.  We walked around some of the open stalls and headed towards  the ship.  IMG_0982IMG_0983 IMG_0984

We stopped by the visitors center to inquire about Internet and they had singers there, also, and some tables with things to buy.

IMG_0986  IMG_0987IMG_0988 IMG_0989IMG_0990 IMG_0991

     To use the Internet, you have to go to one store to buy the time and then find a hot spot to get online.  I decided to pay the ship’s price.  It was slow, however.  At 4 PM there was a local folkloric show in the Queens Lounge called “O Tahiti E”.  We were able to tape the 45 minute show.  It was wonderful!  Ask me to see it!

IMG_1006 (2) IMG_1008

     There was no show this evening so we went to the movie, “Pitch Perfect” in the Wajang Theater.  It was okay.  We attended our first evening event, “Fun in the Sun Beach Party” in the Crows Nest.  We didn’t dance, but had fun watching everyone else.  Cruising is the best!

“Stories can conquer fear, you know.  They can make the heart bigger.”  ~  Ben Okri

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