Day 30, Mon., Feb. 4 2013 — At Sea

     This morning was a typical sea day with all of the usual activities and after lunch the Queens Lounge was turned into a football stadium.  They went all out with decorations and food.  There was a buffet set up as you walked into the lounge and they supplied noise clappers and penalty flags.  They had the three screens on the stage plus you could watch the Super Bowl from your stateroom or in the sports lounge.  The Queen’s Lounge was pretty well filled.  Our kick-off was at 1:30 pm.  All was going fine until they lost power at the game.  Someone took the huge football balloon and started tossing it around.  Had to watch out for the drinks.  Then Bruce had them turn off the lights so we could experience what those in New Orleans were feeling.  Having that delay meant we had to leave a little early to get ready for dinner.  It was a good thing there was reception.

IMG_1116 Stitch

IMG_1121 IMG_1133 IMG_1135 IMG_1139

     By 7 pm every thing was cleaned up and the evening entertainment started at 8 pm.  The Celtic Tenors were back with more fantastic songs.

     We set our clocks back one hour tonight.

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