Day 31, Tues., Feb. 5, 2013 – At Sea & Auckland

     It was a busy day at sea and everyone was looking forward to stepping on land.  We painted palm trees and mine looked like it went through a hurricane.  I will have to try another one.  I turned in the blanket I crocheted to the Project Linus group and I gave one of the gals the yarn I brought with me.  I never seem to make it to the Sit and Knit group.  They had quite a few blankets already.  At lunch today there was another Mongolian Grill.  I love them, but this time the chef used a little too much ginger.  I will have to speak up the next time.  I sat outside for a little bit to read, I finished another book today, decided not to do crafts and went to listen to another piano concert by Naki Ataman in the Queen’s Lounge.  We printed out proof of Carnival Stock and then went to redeem some of our Grand Dollars.  We got a travel clock and 2 micro fiber screen cloths.

     They moved first seating dinner to 5 pm so those that had to go through immigration would have time.  We passed on dessert and went up to deck 6 forward to watch the sail in to Auckland, New Zealand.  We were at the dock to the left from where we were the last time.  We decided to go into town and look around for a bit but most of the stores closed at 6.  Just the souvenir shops were open.  The photo with the white box is fancy porta-potties.

Auckland Harbor, NZ

IMG_1991 fancy port-o-potties

     Back on the ship, we went to the Queen’s Lounge to see the movie, “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” at 9:30.  It was okay, Ray didn’t care for it.  We decided to go to the Lido for coffee and tea and they were just putting everything away.  It was strange to have the ship so still.

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