Day 33, Thurs., Feb. 7, 2013 – Auckland, NZ

     It was a beautiful day, weather wise.  We ate in the dining room for breakfast because the Lido is serving only because of new passengers coming aboard.  A cabin down the hall from us sprung a leak and there was another one on the deck near the aft.

Auckland Bridge pano

     We took the ferry over to Devonport, a charming seaside village. IMG_2032 It has historic Victorian wooden villas and beautiful pohutukawa trees.  The trees had finished flowering when we were there, but the trees were huge!  There were shops, galleries, lots of restaurants and a large supermarket.    IMG_2031  We took a mini tour in a wagon drawn by three Clydesdale horses.  We went to the chocolate factory and saw some very expensive chocolates.  IMG_2052 One piece was NZ$2.50.  We then went to the supermarket and Ray found his raisin cookies.  The super market had a few odd items.  One was BBQ Chicken Barbecue Seaweed flavored rice crackers.  We didn’t buy any.


The other was dog food, in the meat department.  The names were Hound Dog, Bruno, Wag, etc.  I guess they don’t like canned or dry food.  They call shopping carts “Trundles”

  We enjoyed our day.  We took the ferry back to the ship. 

IMG_2056 IMG_2042

There was another boat safety drill before we left.  We had yummy fish and chips for dinner.  Our entertainment tonight was singer, songwriter and recording artist Patrick McMahon from Australia.  He was very lively and sang a variety of songs, and would imitate the original singer.

“The most wasted day of all is that during which we have not laughed.”  ~  Sebastian Roch Nicolas Chamfort

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